German WW2 Militaria

DAK Tropical Luftwaffe Feldbluse. Wilh Bleyle. KG. Stamped with size: 40 cm length from neck to waist, 46 cm shoulder width across the back and neck width, 98 cm waist volume, 66 cm total length and 61 cm sleeves length. The breast eagle is re-sewn postwar.More
1 680€
Wehrmacht M42 Single decal Steel helmet ckl66/2823. The helmet is in beautiful condition. The leather part of the liner is damaged due to exposure to moisture. Leather part size 59. Original tightening drawstring. The original leather chinstrap has some cracks, marked Rf.Nr 0/0494/0006.More
1 950€
Visor hat of the lower ranks of the Wehrmacht for signal troops. Excellent condition, virtually no traces of use. The cap is made of felt, with felt lemon-yellow piping on it. Ageing caused the sweatband to deform. There is some damage from moths on the back and a few small holes.More
Fallschirmschützenabzeichen des Heeres. Wehrmacht paratrooper badge. FLL, badge of the second type, model 1943. Zinc plated with silver and gilding. Excellent condition. More
2 550€
Double decal SS M35 steel helmet. The helmet was found in one of the old yards in the Moscow region in the 80's. The leather part of the liner has been re-stitched by the previous owner. The paint has some scratches and the decals have scratches too.More
3 100€
Feldmütze 43 for Wehrmacht officer. Near to mint condition, virtually no traces of wear. The lining is marked size 58 and also has a tag sewn on with the owner's name: Seidenstücker. This cap was made at the end of the war and has two parts on the side that are made of a different material.More
1 230€
Visor cap for enlisted personnel of the Luftwaffe Luftnachrichten (air force communications troops). Peküro Stirndruckfrei deutsches Reichspatent. Early cap. Virtually no traces of wear, barely worn a few times. Size approximately 57. Has slight damage to the cooper brown felt piping.More
SA der NSDAP Sturmabteilungen belt with two-piece brass buckle. Rolling swastika with straight rays. Brown Belt with slight traces of wear, virtually unused. Belt length 83 cm More
Wehrmacht belt with aluminium buckle with a separate medallion. The leather belt is 90 cm long, but has an 80 mark on the leather tongue. The buckle has more noticeable signs of wear than the leather belt itself.More
Cupronickel SS-VT buckle. SS 63 RZM. A very rare buckle with this marking, in excellent condition. More
1 450€
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