German WW2 Militaria

Cuff title BeVo- SS-Gebirgsjäger Regiment 11 "Reinhard Heydrich" from the 6th mountain division NORD.  Cuff title without traces of use, full length. Has damage due to age or poor workmanship.More
1 220€
Mess kit Kochgeschirr M1910 WMFG 29. Fully complete pot in excellent condition. Used in the Wehrmacht and the SS. NB!  This is a consignment item.  Consignment item has an inspection period of 14 days following receipt of the item, and after that, any return for is void.More
Photo album of the Driver from the headquarters of the 4th SS Police Division, Hans Wendt Album with 71 photographs. Interesting shots from the beginning of the war to the end.More
2 800€
Army dog collar, Wehrmacht and SS. Hundehalsband 35. An item of unprecedented rarity that we have not seen until today. The leather collar is in very good condition with slight traces of use. The leather strap has slight cracks.More
1 280€
3rd Reich WW2 bakelite Orange Butter Dish- Fettbüchse, good condition, no damage, maker's marked More
Brass NSBO buckle. Two-piece construction. Silvered faceplate. No maker marked. Worn. NSBO (National Socialist Factory Cell Organization) More
Feldjägerkorps/Stabswachen SA tombac buckle. Perfect, unworn condition. Running swastika More
Aluminium buckle of the German working front DAF M1/24 RZM - Overhoff & Cie-Lüdenscheid. Mint condition More
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