Stukageschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal

Stukageschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal
Stukageschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal 0Stukageschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal 1Stukageschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal 2Stukageschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal 3Stukageschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal 4

Sturzkampfgeschwader 1/III Staffel Ehrenpokal. Für besondere Leistung im Luftkrieg. Oberfeldwebel, Hans Ott am 5.2.42. Excellent condition, Sterling silver hallmarked 835 and made by jewelry firm of Johann Wagner und Sohn. Norway, on 2 June, the Luftwaffe launched a final series of raids on Narvik itself. Three aircraft were lost by I./StG 1 on this day, and two in the second wave to attack the port. — Lt Klaus Küber and his gunner were killed when their Stuka crashed near Fagernes following an attack by a No 46 Sqn Hurricane I flown by Sgt B L Taylor, whilst Feldwebel Hans Ott and Sönderfuhrer Brack (the later attached to I./StG 1 as a war correspondent) survived with injuries after they were downed by Fig Off John F Drummond who was also flying a Hurricane I from the same unit, the Stuka crashing at Abisko in Sweden. Hans Ott plane during the Narvik campaign can be found on this link

Historical note:   Drummond was the most successful Hurricane pilot to action in Norway, downing four aircraft during his brief spell in Scandinavia. He later returned to England, where he was awarded the DFC and posted to No 92 Sqn on Spitfire Is. He had added another four kills, to his score when he was killed in a collision with fellow No 92 Sqn ace Plt Off D G Williams on 10 October 1940 whilst attempting to shoot down Do 17 over Brighton — the latter pilot also lost his life (see Osprey volume Aircraft of the Aces 12 — Spitfire Mk I/II Aces 1939-41 for further details

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