SS-SD security service tunic

SS-SD security service tunic
SS-SD security service tunic 0SS-SD security service tunic 1SS-SD security service tunic 2SS-SD security service tunic 3SS-SD security service tunic 4

SS-SD security service tunic. The sleeve eagle is missing. SD diamond on the cuff for a SS security service. SD Shoulder straps M 1942, despite the fact that the tunic is a pre-war issue. The lining has various markings and stamps, and most likely the tunic is from museum origin. The tunic has many different moth damage and traces of restoration. The collar tabs, shoulder straps and the diamond, most likely were attached after the war. Size approx 50 european.

NB!  This is a consignment item.  Consignment item has an inspection period of 14 days following receipt of the item, and after that, any return for is void. No reason is acceptable for returns of consignment items as we have given most of the money to the consignor.

4 000€
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