Waffen-SS M40 side hat

Waffen-SS M40 side hat
Waffen-SS M40 side hat 0Waffen-SS M40 side hat 1Waffen-SS M40 side hat 2Waffen-SS M40 side hat 3Waffen-SS M40 side hat 4

Waffen-SS M40 side hat. Very late war made piece. The insignia is original to the hat. Excellent condition. Size approximately 53-54 (small). On the left side there are small holes due to the vital activity of insects. Poor tailoring, which is the norm for items made at the end of the war.

NB!  This is a consignment item.  Consignment item has an inspection period of 14 days following receipt of the dagger, and after that, any return for is void. No reason is acceptable for returns of consignment items as we have given most of the money to the consignor.

3 400€
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