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Photo Title Description Price
Type I Oakleaves to the Knights Cross mark 21 
Prsidialkan Type I Oakleaves to the Knights Cross mark 21 Prsidialkan

More pictures and informations here :


Offer possible. 

$ 6,200.00 USD May 17-4:44
M44 tunic SS Panzergrenadier M44 tunic SS Panzergrenadier

Excellent M44 field tunic for a Unterscharführer serving with SS-Panzergrenadier. Original, however, reapplied insignia. Textbook examples attached by machine. RZM--style embroidered sleeve eagle.

Offer possible.

More pictures and informations here :



4,490.00 EUR May 17-4:49
Early SS numbered Dagger & Hanger by HERDER Early SS numbered Dagger & Hanger by HERDER

More pictures and informations here :


$ 3,290.00 USD May 17-4:33
Waffen-SS 'Frw Legion Niederlande' cufftitle Waffen-SS 'Frw Legion Niederlande' cufftitle

Waffen-SS 'Frw Legion Niederlande' cufftitle.  I've inherited this item, my grandfather found it in the war and kept it safe for 74 years. The cufftitle is still in correct length and in a very good condition.



Background information:

Second pattern Waffen-SS 'Frw. Legion Niederlande' cufftitle as worn by soldiers within the 'SS-Freiwilligen-Legion-Niederlande'. Originally personnel serving with SS-Freiwilligen-Legion-Niederlande were allowed to wear a Dutch manufactured cufftitle 'Legion Niederlande' until November 1941 when the Germans introduced another cufftitle 'Frw. Legion Niederlande'. Shortly after the second pattern cufftitle was introduced the German spelling of 'Niederlande' was altered to the Dutch spelling 'Nederland' and a third cufftitle was introduced 'Frw. Legion Nederland'. With the upgrade to brigade status in October 1943 a fourth and final pattern cufftitle was introduced (in BeVo weave) 'Nederland'. This is the RZM style cufftitle as introduced around November 1941, the cufftitle is borderd with silver wire-thread, seven strands, borders. The cufftitle is 29,5 cms long and is clearly used and tunic removed. It should be noted that this is one of the rarest cufftitles to encounter!

Bron: www.militariaplaza.nl

1,800.00 EUR May 6-13:00
Espenlaub militaria authentic and original WW1 and WW2 militaria
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